Spring Clean-Up Checklist

A fresh edge and mulch makes your gardens look great.

Here are a few ideas to create a fresh, clean look for your gardens.

Prep landscape flower beds

  • Blow out the leaves and light debris, remove garbage, twigs, and weeds in the garden beds.

Edge landscape flower beds

  • Put a fresh edge on all the beds based on your preference and always contact MISS DIG for safety.

Mulch the landscapeĀ  flower beds

  • Choose the type of mulch you prefer, 4 Seasons Outdoors usually recommends hard wood, double-processed mulch throughout all gardens.
  • Mulch behind bushes and hard-to-reach places. Put a fresh topping of mulch in all the beds, approximately two inches deep to keep weeds under control and dispose of all debris we collected.

Make Spring Clean-Up stress-free by calling (810) 845-3543 or (810) 252-0529 for an estimate on letting 4 Seasons Outdoors do the work.


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